Stock Footage Order Chart

STEP 1 Free footage search

Please send us your inquiries by email.
We will search your requested footage in our stock and send you results by email.
This process is a free service.



  • We never provide any materials for use as reference material, such as for computer graphics.

STEP 2 Making preview clip

If we have the footage that is suitable for your inquiry, we offer to start making preview clips.

We will select various footage appropriate to your request and transcode to low resolution mp4 clips from the original media, with a time code burned in.


  • The preview clip charge must be paid whether or not master material is used.
  • All shipping charges are paid by customer.

STEP 3 Master Copy

We provide the master material by tape format as HDCAM / HDV / DVCAM.
We can also provide it by digital movie file format as H.264 / Apple Prores422 HQ

Master material will be made based on the Preview clip’s time code.
Please order IN / OUT Time code of the desired place of the preview clip by filling in our order sheet.

master copy order sheet(PDF)

From this process, we calculate the handling charge and the footage license charge.

Shipping charge is not included. All shipping charges are paid by the customer.
If you need master material by Tape media or HDD, we can send it by Japanese postal service, FedEx, DHL…etc. Please let us know your preferred way of shipping.
We can also send master material by file transfer service via Internet.
If you prefer internet transfer service, this method is free of charge.


  • Please send back the master tape and HDD within 30 days after finishing the project.
  • If a customer received the master materials as a digital movie file, please erase that file certainly within 30 days after finishing the project.
  • We will ship or transfer the master materials once payment is confirmed.

STEP 4 Payment

We will make an invoice according to the order of the master material.
Payment must be made before the Master materials are transferred.
The payment is accepted by Credit card, Paypal or Bank transfer. (Bank transfer handling fee must be paid by customer.)

STEP 5 Credits

Please credit “Japan Underwater Films” in the screener or the end credit roll of the completed work.

STEP 6 After finishing the project

The customer must return all master materials to JUF and delete all provided digital movie files that were used in the project within 30 days after their use.

Please send a copy of your completed work within 30 days after finishing your project.
The copy will be used to determine the amount of our footage used in your project.


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